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Blood Vanes (6 pack)


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The patent pending Blood Vane fletching will make all other fletchings obsolete. Never has there been a faster, easier more precise way to fletch. Just slide it on and place a dot of glue in each of the external glue holes. The one piece design allows for ultimate repeatability in manufacturing and produces the tightest groups possible. Step up to the easiest to install most accurate vane ever produced.


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Blood Vane Features:

• Just slide it on and glue.

• The Blood Vane contains three internal channels that run the full length of the vane. Glue travels the length of the vane through these channels, and creates an indestructible bond.

• One piece molded design allows for ultra consistency from vane to vane.

• The most durable vane “period”.

• 2” long high profile design for ultimate stability

• Weight is just 31 grains.

• Flexible construction

Now anyone can re-fletch their arrows with ease just remove old fletching, slide on the Blood Vane and glue.

There is not any vane more durable than the flexible one piece Blood Vane. Let’s just compare it with the old standard 3 piece style glue on fletching. With the standard 3 piece style fletching if any portion of the glue bond is broken at any part of just one of the vanes then all three fletching usually need to be replaced. Not the case with the Blood Vane, due to its one piece design it can still function properly when only one of the glue channels is installed.

Now let’s compare with a 4 piece heat shrink vane. You have the same problem with the 4 piece vane as with a 3 piece vane in that each of the 3 fletching is susceptible to individual failure. But in addition to that there is the inherent weakness of the heat shrink material itself, which is very evident in testing (see the Blood Vane video).

Installation Features:

• Installation tool included for arrows with wraps

• Works great with almost any CA type glue, the thinner the better, gel types are not recommended

• Fits standard size carbon arrows. See list below for approved sizes. If your arrow uses a super nock it will likely work with the standard size Blood Vane.

STANDARD DIAMETER Blood Vanes fit arrows from.280"-.310" in diameter :

Black Eagle: Carnivore, Carnivore Ultra Lightweight

Beeman: ICS Hunter, ICS Bowhunter, ICS Hunter Junior, ICS Hunter Pro, ICS Speed

Carbon Express: Maxima Hunter KV, Maxima Hunter, Maxima Blue Streak Select, Maxima Blue Streak, Mayhem Hunter, Mayhem. Mayhem Hot Pursuit, Mach 5, Pile Driver Hunter 250 and 350, Mutiny, Predator II Adult, Predator Youth 2040 and 3050, Heritage, Thunderstorm, Terminator Lite, The Crush

Carbon Tech: Cheetah, Whitetail, Rhino, Panther, Cougar

Easton: Flatline Surgical, Power Flight, Light Speed 3D, Light Speed, ACC 360

Gold Tip: Big Game 200, Kinetic XT Big Game 200, Pro Hunter XT Hunter, Expedition Hunter, Velocity Pro, Velocity XT, Velocity Hunter, Ultralight Pro, Ultralight, Ultralight Entrada, Ted Nugent, Big Game, Traditional

Muddy Outdoors: Bloodsport HT2, Bloodsport Hunter

PSE: X Weave

Victory Archery: V Force, V Force HV

SMALL DIAMETER Blood Vanes fit arrows from .255"-.279" in diameter:

Easton Axis

Easton FMJ

Easton ST Carbon Excel

Beeman Bone Collector

Black Eagle Rampage

Gold Tip Kinetic / Kinetic Pro

Trophy Ridge
Unlike some other one piece fletching, the Blood Vane is always in perfect alignment with the arrows axis. This is because the Blood Vane fits over the arrow shaft and doesn’t install into the back of the arrow which causes inherent alignment issues due to tolerance variations in various manufactures arrows.

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arrow vane fletch

arrow vane fletch

arrow vane fletch

arrow vane fletch

arrow vane fletch

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