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Dead Eye Sight Tape Holder


Product Description

Dead Eye Sight Pin Calibrator

Target archers have known the benefits of sight tapes for years, (more accurate pin settings, ease of sighting in). Until now there has never been a good way of using sight tapes with your hunting sight. With the Dead Eye Sight Pin Calibrator just print out a sight tape using any of the popular sight tape software programs and the flexible arm of the Dead Eye will hold your sight tape in position to let you adjust each pin to the sight tape. After you are sighted in you can use the Dead eye to confirm your pin gaps to ensure that your pins have not moved or been bent. If you don’t have any of the sight tape software programs the Dead Eye comes with 100 preprinted sight tapes.

• Lets you use sight tapes on your hunting sight
• Use software generated sight tapes, or pick any one of the 100 included tapes
• Flexible sight tape plate allows for easy positioning
• Sight in more accurately and faster than ever before
• Once sighted in quickly confirm your sight settings have not changed

Product Videos

"How to Sight in the Easy Way" Dead Eye Archery Bow Sight Tape Holder Outer Limit Archery 01:23 , The Dead Eye makes sighting in quick, easy and accurate. All serious target shooters have used sight tapes for years and know their benefits. The Dead Eye is the first product to allow sight tapes to be used on multi pin hunting sights. Outer Limit Archery, Taking Archery To The Limit.

  • "How to Sight ... , The Dead Eye makes sighting...

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